We are professional speakers

We help our clients communicate with clarity at their leadership forums, team building sessions, company-wide events, and strategic planning sessions.

Over the years we have developed a following of clients who invite us as keynote speakers to present at important meetings and events. Our clients tell us that our professionally speaking service helps them convey their ideas to a larger audience.

Our professional speakers are actively sought after for their refined skills in public speaking, delivering engaging presentations, and presenting leading edge information on a variety of leadership and team related topics. We do so successfully with any audience; from emerging leaders to senior executives across a wide range of industries.

Our speaking experience

Our Professional Speaking service gives your business the power to communicate with confidence

Whether you need to deliver a lecture, motivate your employees, or facilitate a board meeting, there’s no denying the importance of communicating effectively. We work with you to communicate with confidence by being a keynote speaker at your leadership forums and helping your team develop the skills to communicate with impact themselves.

Below is a sampling of our Professional Speaking experience:

  • Sessional speaker at the Canadian Society of Training and Development Annual Symposium.
  • Instructor in a Leadership Development Program for Executive MBA’s.
  • Speaker at the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL) 2017 Annual Conference
  • Teach and deliver keynote speeches for Leadership Development Programs for mid, senior and executive leaders.
  • Speaker at various multinational leadership forums for Fortune 500 energy companies – up to 300 people in a conference focused on senior leadership.
  • Speaker for national leadership forums for large academic institutions, hospitality companies and supply chain/logistic companies –  ranging from 25 –200 leaders at various levels.
  • Speaker at the U of C Alumni Grow Your Career Conference.

See us in action

Watch us present

Professional speaking is both an art and science but more importantly it’s about delivering results and value to your audience. Our professional speaking services are strong, credible and have been engaging audiences across Canada for years.

Christine Dagenais, Managing Director, Creative Coaching and Brian Palmer, Career and Leadership Coach, are both Professional Speakers with a strong track record of delivering exceptional presentations for our clients. Take a look at both of them in action at our recent speaking engagements!

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