We are Executive Coaches

Our name says it all: Creative Coaching designs creative and impactful executive coaching plans to meet the unique needs of each individual client

There’s no question, it can be lonely at the top. Executives often need a soundboard for difficult, complex, and integrated issues within their organizations. You need a partner to co-create new options and possibilities, develop your leadership skills, and adjust your leadership styles. You need guidance on new career opportunities and help navigating continuous change.

This is where Creative Coaching comes in: we help meet the unique needs of executive leaders through broad industry knowledge, decades of coaching experience, and confidentiality. We approach each client with an individual lens to best understand their needs and develop a plan that will help you realize your full potential.

Hone your skills

Our business and executive coaches are here to help you succeed

Hone your leadership skills, achieve personal excellence and accomplish your unrealized potential with the help from our accredited team of Calgary Executive Coaches.

Creative Coaching designs creative professional and executive-level coaching plans to meet the unique needs of each client.

Through our Executive Coaching programs, we help develop leaders who are equipped with the right skills and tools to lead effectively. We believe that focusing on your unique background, the business environment, and your current professional situation will help us find the best way to unlock your unrealized potential.

Every day our world, and the business landscape we work in, is changing

The case for Executive Coaching

There’s an unprecedented amount of information that leaders need to understand and manage, and we expect leaders to communicate better, faster, and on multiple channels. They must hold true to the organization’s vision among the flurry of evolving, shifting and adapting scenarios happening all around them.

Leaders need to maximize their efforts and depend on the collective knowledge of those they lead. Leaders need wider networks and the ability to harness the power of many.

But, developing and sustaining a successful career doesn’t come easy; it takes time and work. At Creative Coaching, our leadership coaches collaborate with you to help realize the full potential of your career.

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach; we believe in finding the right path for each leader. We enhance executive leadership skills, design team strategies, establish senior-level influence, create high-performance teams, and much more.

Based in Calgary, our business and executive-level coaches are here to help you succeed.

We have the right coach for your development needs

Get started today with Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching approach is completely customized to help you achieve your leadership development goals. We do, however, offer an executive coaching framework to help establish a strong relationship and foundation for helping you achieve results.

Pre-coaching meeting

We will explore your desired learning and development needs and discuss your career, personal, and professional goals.

During this meeting you and your executive-level coach will determine the areas of focus (e.g.: leadership competencies or skills) for your customized coaching program.

Our goal is that you leave this pre-coaching meeting feeling inspired, refreshed, and motivated to take the next step.

First coaching session

Based on your pre-coaching meeting, your executive coach will come prepared with suggestions for themes to work through.

At the beginning of each discussion your coach will always check-in with you to determine what you would like to discuss. The areas of focus determined at your first meeting will act as a backdrop to every coaching session going forward.

Second session and beyond

Each session builds on the previous and your executive coach will work to ensure you are aligning your actions, efforts and energy on the goals you established for the executive coaching program.

Should goals change along the way, your coach will help you navigate that change to ensure all sessions remain meaningful and valuable to you.

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