Create new possibilities and Take Your Career to The Next Level with Custom Executive Coaching


Need a sounding board for your important professional decisions? Need a partner to co-create possibilities that may not currently exist? Do you recognize an opportunity to develop your leadership skills, or have you been considering a new career path, but you’re not sure where to start? Our Executive Coaching programs are designed to help you explore these questions and more.

We’re passionate about our approach to business coaching and want nothing more than to deliver results that matter to you – that’s why all our Calgary career coaching programs are custom designed to your individual needs.

We take a customized approach to our Executive Coaching services in Calgary and Alberta

Our simple and effective coaching process ensures our approach is customized and continually advances our client’s objectives.

We see management consulting and leadership coaching as an ongoing professional relationship with our clients. You’ll meet with a business coach who will work with you to facilitate tangible, productive changes through careful observations, useful feedback and access to best-in-class resources and tools that’ll help inform your coaching program and development areas.

1. Pre-Coaching Meeting

During this meeting you’ll explore your desired learning/development needs, share what prompted your interest in coaching and discuss your current status in terms of your career, personal, and professional goals. Your coach will also review a coaching agreement with you and answer any questions you have.

During this meeting you and your coach will determine the areas of focus (e.g.: leadership competencies) for your coaching program.

You’ll leave this meeting feeling inspired, refreshed, and motivated to take the next step!

Note: For our executive level coaching programs we offer an optional (although often recommended) process that creates executive sponsorship and engages the leader of the coachee. This is done in the form of a Coaching Program Kick Off Meeting with the coach, the coachee and their direct leader. If you’d like to learn more please contact us for more information on this innovative part of our coaching process.

2. First Coaching Session

Based on your pre-coaching meeting, your coach will come prepared with suggestions for themes to work through during your sessions.

At the beginning of each discussion your coach will always check in with you to determine what you would like to discuss.

The areas of focus determined at your first meeting will act as a backdrop to every coaching session going forward.

3. Second Coaching Session and Beyond

Each session will build on the previous session and your coach will work to ensure you are aligning your efforts and energy on the goals you established for the program.

In case these goals change along the way, your coach will help you navigate that change to ensure all sessions remain meaningful and valuable to you.

Achieve the Results You Need with Management Consulting & Business Coaching


We see management consulting and business coaching as an on-going professional partnership with our clients. Our business coaches will work with you to facilitate tangible, productive changes through careful observations, useful feedback and access to best-in-class resources.

Become more motivated to advance in your career and gain the confidence and leadership skills you desire. Contact Creative Coaching today to learn more about our management consulting and career coaching services.