Personalized Career Solutions

A Career Coaching Program with Creative Coaching can help you navigate your career path with clarity, direction and intention.

Looking to achieve greater satisfaction and growth in your career?
Aspiring for a promotion to the next level or position?
In a time of career transition and unsure of where to start?
Seeking opportunities to contribute in a more meaningful way?
Looking to pivot to a new industry, occupation or find work outside the country?

We provide personalized career solutions, combining best practices and creativity to come up with the right approach for your career.

Let us help you create a unique and memorable personal brand that will help you get the results that you seek.

Our career services

We help you develop your career path

Whether you are looking to craft a new career path, earn an internal promotion, or land a new job with a different company; our Career Coaches will help you get to the right answers and help you develop a plan to get the outcome you desire.

While our approach is always customized to your individual needs, the majority of our clients find success through a combination of the below focus areas:

  • Building a 3-5 year career plan: Determine what motivates you in the workplace and leverage your inner purpose
  • Changing careers: Guidance on how to identify transferable skills and build new contacts outside your industry
  • Brainstorming ideal work targets: Identifying industries/companies/positions and how to access “the hidden job market”
  • Landing a contract and/or international work: Understanding options outside of traditional employment
  • Resume review: Providing constructive education & feedback so you understand what matters to today’s recruiters
  • Interview preparation: Crafting a unique value proposition for important meetings
  • Effective networking: Learning how to leverage tools like LinkedIn to tune up your brand and network strategically
  • Earning a promotion and planning out the first 90 days: Maximizing your potential in the workplace

Our Career Coaching packages

Build a long-term career plan and achieve the growth you seek

Crafting a new career path

30-minute phone session
2-hour discussion on transferable skills, work values, and motivators incl. MBTI debrief
1-hour follow-up to brainstorm new industries, companies, or roles
1-hour follow-up to put brainstorm into action and access the hidden job market

Landing a new job with a different company

30-minute phone session
2-hour personal brand session including resume review and job application strategy
1-hour follow-up to brainstorm target employers and networking strategy
1-hour follow-up to craft a value proposition and prepare for interviews

Advancing in your current company

30-minute phone session
2-hour session to build an effective 5-year plan and determine how to maximize your potential in the workplace
1-hour follow-up to map out internal and external networking strategy
1-hour follow-up to craft a value proposition and prepare for conversation with supervisor

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